August 11–August 25, 2016

DENNY GALLERY POP-UP: 150 East Broadway | NYC

Present Futures: Strategies Toward Emancipation (Part One) was a group exhibition of artists Pamela Council, Ivan Forde, James T. Green, Tiona McClodden, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, J. Soto, and Diamond Stingily.

Organized by Lynnette Miranda, Suhaly Bautista-Carolina, Teal Baskerville, Henry Murphy, and Kathy Cho.

The recent mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and the senseless murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile (and the others that the media hasn’t covered) at the hands of police officers have left us with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. With the exception of a few, there is a generally muted response among the art community to this ongoing violence, injustice, and oppression. But silence and indifference are tools of oppression.

In moments of injustice, how do we think about the future when the present is so daunting and fraught? Present Futures: Strategies Toward Emancipation (Part One) brings together artists and cultural producers whose practices and work are grounded in the present moment while generating and expanding artistic strategies for making change. The exhibition will enact these strategies through a programmatic component that offers a space for arts practitioners to convene and exchange ideas around, questions about, and methodologies for self-preservation, self-determination, and collective organizing. Together, we can call for cultural spaces to offer us more than a site for reflection, but one for action. As a community, we can strategize through our artistic lens and create a hopeful, yet determined and focused space that pushes for progress.